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Special overnight stay in Zeeland

Would you like to spend the night in Zeeland in a special and atmospheric way and are you looking for a suitable location? You are more than welcome at Apartment de Graanzolder in Hoofdplaat, near the bustling village of Breskens. With us you will stay in the attic of an old granary. Doesn’t that sound great? You can also participate in all kinds of activities related to the farm.

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A special and atmospheric overnight stay at a unique location in Zeeland

Would you like to spend the night in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen? If you come and spend the night with us in Zeeland, it is guaranteed to be special. You will stay with us on the farm and you will be close to the cows. You can do all kinds of fun and interesting activities on the farm. Think about:

  • Cuddling kitties
  • Playing with the dog
  • Ride on the tractor
  • A tour of the farm (child-friendly where necessary)
  • Playing with outdoor toys that are available under the apartment, including a go-kart, tractor
  • Buckets and shovels for the beach

But there are even more activities you can undertake with us, such as taking a beautiful walking or cycling tour. In addition to the various activities, you also enjoy plenty of space and privacy in and around your apartment. The farm has a quiet and informal atmosphere that is ideal for a family holiday. There is plenty of entertainment for children and you can relax in the apartment. This way you are guaranteed a special overnight stay on our attractive and child-friendly farm in Zeeland.

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appartement de graanzolder Hoofdplaat Zeeland

The apartment

The apartment is located in a former granary in Hoofdplaat, near Terneuzen. Your sleeping area is located on the first floor where the grain used to be stored.


About us

We are Tom and Angelé Mocking and have been living in beautiful Zeeland Flanders since 1997. We would like to let you experience what it is like to stay with a farmer in Zeeland.

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Events are regularly organized that are worth visiting. View upcoming events here.

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Are you convinced that this location in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen is the place for your next holiday? Book online to stay with us in Zeeland. Of course you can also contact us. We would like to tell you how atmospheric and special it is to spend the night on our farm in Zeeland!